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For Advisers - AFSL Regulation - An Introduction

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This 60 minute course (including linked reading) highlights and explains the relevant general obligations that all Australian Financial Service (AFS) Licence holders should understand and comply with. This includes the company holding the AFS Licence as well as its representative's.
You may need an AFS Licence if you or part of your business:
● provide financial product advice to clients;
● deal in a financial product;
● make a market for a financial product;
● operate a registered scheme;
● provide a custodial or depository service; or
● provide traditional trustee company services.

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This course should be used as a guide only and not meant to replace any specific advice from your employer. Please be sure to take specialist advice if you are in doubt. MIntegrity, its employees and contractors disclaim all and any liability to any persons whatsoever in respect of anything done by any person in reliance, whether whole or in part, on this e-learning course.

  • Introduction - Learning Outcomes
  • AFSL Obligations Overview
  • Obligations Overview
  • Knowledge Check - Obligations Overview
  • Organisational Competence
  • Financial Requirements Overview
  • Base Level Cash Requirements
  • Responsible Manager Requirements
  • Responsible Manager Knowledge and Skills options
  • Licensing obligations – Corporations Act
  • AFSL holder Training
  • Knowledge Check - Organisational Competence
  • Knowledge Check - AFSL holder Training
  • supervision and risk management
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Technology and Human Resources
  • Conflicts Management
  • Managing Conflicts of Interest
  • Dispute Resolution for Retail Clients
  • Compensation and Insurance Arrangements
  • Knowledge Check – Supervision and Risk Management
  • Knowledge Check – Managing Conflicts of Interest
  • Knowledge Check – Dispute Resolution
  • Knowledge Check – Compensation and Insurance Arrangements
  • Adviser - Client Obligations
  • Financial product advice - Definition
  • Client obligations- Providing advice
  • Personal advice - Definition
  • Personal advice – Corporations Act
  • Client obligations - General advice
  • Knowledge Check – Financial product advice definition
  • Knowledge Check – Providing advice
  • Knowledge Check – Personal or general advice
  • Knowledge Check – General advice
  • Disclosure Obligations
  • Disclosure documents
  • Disclosure documents - Timeframes
  • Disclosure documents - When not required
  • Product Disclosure Statements
  • Statement of Advice
  • Staement of Advice - When not required
  • Client Records
  • Knowledge Check – Disclosure
  • Knowledge Check – Disclosure document timeframes
  • Knowledge Check – Disclosure documents
  • Knowledge Check – Statement of Advice
  • Knowledge Check – Client records
  • Consequences of Misconduct
  • Consequences of misconduct
  • Summary Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year