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HKFE Regulation - An Introduction

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In this 60 minute course (including linked reading) you will cover an introduction to the Hong Kong financial markets, including some of the Rules that govern the Hong Kong Futures Exchange.

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  • Introduction – Learning Outcomes
  • Market Regulation Overview
  • Regulation – Exchange Operator
  • Regulation – Exchange Participants
  • Knowledge Check – Markets Registration
  • Rules and Regulations
  • SFC Rules and Regulations
  • Market Operator Rules/Procedures
  • Knowledge Check – SFC Rules and Regulations
  • Knowledge Check – Exchange Operator Rules and Regulations
  • TRading practices
  • Contracts and Trading Hours
  • Block Trades
  • Prohibition of Pre-Arranged Trades
  • Error Trades
  • Erroneous Trades
  • Trading Principles – Prohibited Conduct
  • General conduct obligations
  • Insider Dealing
  • Market Manipulation - SFO Rules
  • Market Misconduct – SFC Proceedings
  • Fair and orderly markets
  • Knowledge Check – Insider Dealing – SFC Rules
  • Knowledge Check – Market Manipulation HKEx Rules
  • Knowledge Check – Fair and Orderly Markets
  • Electronic Trading
  • Responsibility of Orders
  • System capacity
  • Specific Requirements on Internet Trading/DMA
  • Specific Requirements on Algorithmic Trading - Training
  • Specific Requirements on Algorithmic Trading - Testing
  • Specific Requirements on Algorithmic Trading – Risk Management
  • Specific Requirements on Algorithmic Trading – Record Keeping
  • Audit Log and Incident Report
  • Knowledge Check – DMA
  • Knowledge Check – Algorithmic Trading
  • Typhoons and Rainstorms
  • Typhoons and Rainstorms - Definition
  • Typhoons and Rainstorms – Restricted Trading
  • Knowledge Check – Typhoons and Rainstorms
  • Crossing Activity
  • Crossing Engines
  • Alternative Liquidity Pools
  • Current Developments
  • Anticipated Changes
  • Knowledge Check – Alternative Liquidity Pools
  • Management, Supervision and Internal Controls
  • Code of Conduct
  • Guidelines – Overview
  • Guidelines – Management and Supervision
  • Guidelines - Internal Control Framework
  • Knowledge Check - Guidelines – Management and Supervision
  • Governance, Escalation and Reporting
  • Escalation and Self Reporting
  • Disclosure of Inside Information
  • Disclosure of Inside Information – Personal Liability
  • Requirements of the Exchange
  • Knowledge Check – Inside Information
  • Knowledge Check – Safe Harbour
  • Knowledge Check – Personal Liability
  • Summary Quiz
  • Summary Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year