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For Principal Traders - ASX 24 Regulation - An Introduction

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This course highlights and explains the relevant Market Integrity Rules for those ASX 24 Market Participants that are Principal Traders.

An ASX 24 Market Participant is a Principal Trader if the Market Participant is a Trading Participant of the ASX 24 with Trading Permissions in one or more products but is only allowed to trade those products on its own behalf.

A Principal Trader only engages in proprietary trading on its own behalf, that is, a Principal Trader has NO clients.

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  • Introduction - Learning Outcomes
  • Market regulation overview
  • Regulation – Market Operators
  • Regulation – Market Participants
  • Market Participant - What are Principal Traders?
  • Regulation – Market Participants – Foreign Participants
  • Knowledge Check –Markets Regulation
  • Rules and Regulations
  • ASIC Rules and Regulations
  • Market Operator Rules and Procedures
  • Provision of Regulatory Data - Competition MIRs
  • Knowledge Check – Market Operator Rules and Regulations
  • Supervision and Risk Management
  • Supervision and Risk Management – AFSL and MIR requirements
  • Limit Setting Capability
  • Connection Requirements
  • Other Supervisory Obligations
  • Knowledge Check – Supervision & Risk Management
  • Knowledge Check – Limits and Connections
  • Trading Principles - Prohibited Conduct
  • Trading Principles
  • Wash Trades
  • Market manipulation – Corporations Act
  • Market manipulation – Market Integrity Rules
  • Market manipulation – What "acting as Principal" mean?
  • Knowledge Check - Trading Principles
  • Knowledge Check – Wash Trades
  • Knowledge Check - Intent to Trade
  • Knowledge Check - Market manipulation
  • Governance, escalation and Reporting
  • Corporate Governance Framework
  • Escalation and Self-Reporting
  • Knowledge Check – Escalation
  • Knowledge Check – Self Reporting
  • Consequences of Misconduct
  • Consequences of Misconduct
  • Knowledge Check – Consequences of Misconduct
  • Summary Quiz
  • Summary Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year